Why joining the Chamber’s Committee is a good idea!

Thinking about joining the committee? Here’s 5 reasons why you should….

There are a significant number of reasons for you to join the Chamber’s Committee, here are just five of them. Take a look, take action, the Chamber is always at work to better our business community, and you could be part of it!

1. Commitment to the cause

Our vision is for the Shire of Mundaring and surrounds, to be a first class community to live and do business.  We aim to achieve this vision through representation, advocacy, promotion, and taking collective action to further the interests of business in Mundaring shire and the surrounding areas.  After all, helping business work strengthens our whole community, and provides economic and social prosperity.

Working together as part of the committee, towards this vision can provide fulfilment that enables you to see the direct impact of your work.

2. Improve your knowledge, perspective and experience

Being part of the Chamber’s committee provides an excellent training ground for improving your leadership skills. You know what they say, learning comes in many forms. Sitting on the committee means you will be surrounded by years of collective knowledge and experience. The Chamber’s committee, as with many others, is a deep well from which to draw real life experiences. Serving on the Chamber’s committee allows you to glean from others their best practices and insights – you have a forum of your peers in which to brainstorm and receive feedback.

3. Increase your network

The Chamber’s committee is a great place to get to know a different group of people that have similar passions and shared vision. It can help you build strong relationships, not only in the Mundaring shire but also in our neighbouring communities of Kalamunda, Swan and Ellenbrook through the growing collaboration between the Chambers.

4. Share your knowledge

While point 2 is important, it’s not all about learning from others, taking part in the Chamber’s committee is also about sharing your knowledge and helping others improve their knowledge and experience. As we give, we grow personally and professionally.

5. Pay it forward

Being part of the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce Committee gives you the opportunity to give back to your community by making a difference, speaking on behalf of your fellow business owners, making strategic decisions and giving the business community a voice.

All the other reasons

As we said before, there are so many reasons why you should join the Chamber’s committee. These are just five out of many that make committee membership rewarding. If you want to grow personally and professionally the call to action here is to get involved. Want to know more about our constitution? Check it out here: constitution.

Come along to the AGM on 15 July. We look forward to welcoming you. Book your ticket here: ticket to AGM.

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