Why enter the Business Excellence Awards 2018?

AWARDS, awards, awards! These days there are awards available for anything and everything!  There are regional, national, international, industry specific, role-specific, even gender-specific. And while some (not many) are free-to-enter, others, such as the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce (MCC) Business Excellence Awards require payment.  Of course it goes without saying, as with any business investment, where a cost is involved, there’s a decision to make: is it worth it and what value will your business get from entering?

Entering any type of business awards should be a part of your marketing strategy.  While it will depend on your target market as to which awards you choose to enter, one thing is for sure, local awards offer you the opportunity to be featured in local media and get some promotion in platforms that would otherwise require you to purchase advertising space (and if you already advertise in those platforms it can maximise your reach).

Because the MCC business awards are local, they can be used as a great positive promotion, showing that you care about the community around you. They also offer the community the chance to be involved, by being given the opportunity to nominate your business, thereby acknowledging the dedication and hard-work that you put into serving their needs.

When we talk about networking, we’re talking about building long-term relationships and a good reputation.   Our awards certainly present a fantastic chance to talk to other businesses about other possible connections, more events and so forth, and will give you an opportunity to get to know people who you can assist, and who can potentially help you in return.

At the end of the day, if you enter business awards, you are showing everyone you have faith and confidence in what you (and your team) are doing.  If you have employees, awards can give them a huge buzz, and really help you all to reflect on the service you are offering and the direction the business is going.

Ultimately, business awards are a great way to entice new customers to your business, give faith to your existing client base, enthuse your suppliers and boost the morale of your team.  Whether you are accepting an award, sponsoring one or attending the awards celebration, with the right approach you can promote your business, project a positive message and support your local area all in one event.

Here is a flashback to the winners of the 2015 Business Excellence Awards: –


This year we have introduced new awards to encourage more sponsors and business from across the shire.  The range of awards will enable the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce to reward and acknowledge even more exceptional businesses within Mundaring and surrounds for their dedication and hard-work within the business community.  Watch this space for ideas on how to make a successful award submission!

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