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Our first winter newsletter for 2022 is here – June 2022

Welcome friends.

Can you believe we are already in June?

While the start of the year has certainly gone by in a blur, there are still plenty of things happening on the events calendar for the second half of this year! Our June newsletter is packed full of the latest info, including ticket links and nomination forms for the upcoming AGM, so make sure you settle in and enjoy the read.

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Why Entering Business Awards Is Always A Good Idea (Even If You Think You Won’t Win)

“Oh, I’ve only been in business a year, I’ll never win”

“We’re so preoccupied with work, we’ve no time, and we probably won’t win”

“Our business is so small, and we don’t do anything that glamorous, we’d never win”

I felt exactly the same way when I entered my very first awards ever – the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce – in 2015. I’d been in business less than a year, worked from my kitchen table with no employees, and provided a service most people didn’t even understand (I’m a copywriter – which has nothing to do with legals!)

To be honest, I applied because my good friend Kate did. And I wanted to attend the awards and drink champagne with her.

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