Spit in the Hills Returns in 2019

Something’s In The Air ~ It Must Be BBQ!

The Chidlow Tavern has been a hive of activity this week, creating a buzz in the air as details of the amazing event ‘Spit in the Hills’ to be held on Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 May 2019 begin to emerge, proving that there is no smoke without fire!

The Chidlow Tavern is super-excited to announce that the second annual ‘Spit the Hills’ is joining forces with the Progressive Axemen’s Association WA and Honey Month to present an eclectic weekend featuring an international Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) sanctioned BBQ contest alongside a traditional wood chop competition, as well as a celebration of the noble honey bee and artisan markets. The Chidlow want to create an event that really excites and inspires spectators, where they can get involved, be amazed and above all, have a great time. 

So, what is this event all about?

First – let’s talk about Spit in the Hills: 

The international Low & Slow BBQ Contests are taking the world by storm!  There are thousands of teams worldwide who are competing in these sanctioned contests, there are television shows dedicated to the events (you may have seen them on Foxtel), and Australia is one of the fastest growing BBQ countries outside of the United States. Little old Chidlow is host to TWO of these events each year; Spit in the Hills – held in May and The Chidlow BBQ Festival – held in September.

Low & Slow BBQ has truly become all the rage in Australia. KCBS has an international outreach team that travels all over the world to teach people about BBQ. There are thousands of certified judges, regular contestants and fans of BBQ everywhere! For the competitors, this is something that is taken very seriously! Contestants compete for world titles – and the right to compete at some very large events in the USA. In September of last year (at the Tavern’s first ever Chidlow BBQ Festival), a team won the Grand Champion title which qualified them to attend the Jack Daniels annual contest in the United States. If you’ve ever watched a show called ‘BBQ Pit Masters’ on television (usually Foxtel) you will have seen some world-class competitors and famous names all competing to win the latest title of the BBQ.

This is the Chidlow Tavern’s second annual Spit in the Hills Competition – and they are expecting 30 competing teams, making it the largest comp in Western Australia to date.

On to The Chidlow Chop:

Wood chop competitions are events that have been around in WA for over a century. Chidlow was on the wood-chopping circuit for most of that time with an event know as ‘The Chidlow Chop’. The last event was held here in 1989. The Chidlow Tavern is excited to be bringing this event back to the Hills and is looking forward to it being a standard part of Spit in the Hills.

There will be two days of wood-chopping for spectators to consume. Saturday 4 May will feature the competition – with many different events.  Sunday 5 May will see a grand exhibition that will engage the audience.

If you’ve ever been to the Perth Royal Show, you may have seen some of these wood chopping champions giving it their all to take home the winner’s axe or a cash prize!

Welcome to Honey Month:

As an added bonus for attendees, the Chidlow is also teaming up with National Honey Month and bringing in local experts in the bee keeping and honey producing field. The Perth Hills has a rich population of beekeepers and local hives producing some of the world’s finest honey! The crew at the Chidlow Tavern are strong supporters of our local beekeepers and have a keen understanding of the importance of keeping our bee population in good health. No bees – no life!

Festival goers will have the opportunity to learn about bees, beekeeping, hives, breeding of queens, and best of all; a chance to taste some of our local honey. The festival markets will also include a wonderful range of bee products for you to sample and purchase.

What’s on Offer at Spit in the Hills?

  • 30-team, internationally sanctioned, 2 day BBQ event
  • Wood-chop competition and exhibition – both days
  • Street markets – both days
  • Live music – both days
  • Workshops and presentations for festival goers to learn about BBQ, wood-copping and beekeeping
  • Great food
  • ‘Chidlow’s Choice’ – your opportunity to taste and vote for your favourite team and the best BBQ of the competition.
  • Activities for the kids – both days
  • Activities for young and old – both days

To sign up and compete or to be a vendor at the markets or honey exhibition email fran@aliveandkicking.com.au

Otherwise, the Chidlow Tavern looks forward to seeing you there as a spectator!


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