Economic Development and Tourism Strategy

Since 2018, the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce has been seeking commitment from our councillors to sustainable economic development in the Shire, including a strategy that will enhance the well-being of our community, create employment and encourage the development of a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

We have identified tourism as a key economic development mechanism based on several key advantages, including our stunning natural environment, our rich cultural heritage, the high number of local visitor experiences, and the recent State focus on eco-tourism in the Perth Hills.

During that time, we attended and presented at Shire meetings, met with state and local tourism stakeholders and undertook numerous activities to promote tourism and economic development in Mundaring, including:

  • We organised a petition and deputation to Mundaring Council to reinstate the small tourism destination marketing budget that was removed in the 2019-2020 Shire budget in an attempt to curb rates raises. The Council voted to commit funds to the following year, which was put back to 2021/2022 due to Covid. We are pleased to see our efforts come into fruition this financial year, as planned. 
  • We put forward a business case to the Shire for removal of member fees for the Mundaring Visitor Centre in 2020 to encourage more local tourism businesses to join. The Business Case was successful and was adopted by Council, leading to an increase in Mundaring Visitor Centre membership.
  • We organised and hosted successful Perth Hills Tourism Forum at Mundaring Arena in November 2018 facilitated by the Deputy Chair of Tourism WA and attended by numerous representatives of state and local government, tourism organisations and visitor experience providers.
  • We organised and hosted a successful Tourism Product and Packaging workshop for local operators across the Hills, facilitated by Manny Papadoulis of Icon Consulting. This was well attended and many business connections were made among local operators.
  • We have advocated for a caravan dump point and overnight rest area to make our area more attractive to overnight visitors and travellers.
  • We have provided feedback to the Perth Hills Tourism Alliance on their draft marketing strategy and new branding/logo.
  • We formed a Tourism Sub-committee which has engaged with councillors to encourage them to see the importance of tourism to our local economy.

In 2021, we were pleased when the Shire of Mundaring committed to the formulation of an Economic Development and Tourism Informing Strategy.

The purpose of the Strategy will be to “create an environment in which a sustainable level of economic growth for local business and tourism can occur”. This commitment is articulated within the Strategic Community Plan 2020/2030 which also calls for an approach that can be considered to be a “Business-led approach to economic and tourism development.”

The Shire is currently seeking to undertake stakeholder engagement with representatives from the local business and tourism community to ensure that local and contemporary issues are considered throughout the preparation of the Strategy.

In November 2021, the Shire called for Expressions of Interest from the community and subsequently formed the Shire of Mundaring Economic Development and Tourism Informing Strategy Reference Group. The purpose of the Reference Group is to:

  • To enhance existing engagement with local business and enterprise and tourism operators, and enable a “business and tourism led approach”.
  • To ensure that adequate representation of local business, enterprise and tourism is incorporated into preparation of the Strategy.
  • To assist the Shire in delivery of transformational change with regard to economic development and tourism measures with implementation to the Strategy.
  • To enable an evidence based approach is available to the Shire to present prescribed actions and measures to Council that will benefit local business and tourism.
  • To ensure that the stated goals and objectives within the Strategy are aspirational yet attainable.  

Several Mundaring Chamber of Commerce Committee members have been appointed to the Reference Group, including Francesca Flynn (Chamber Vice President) and Karen Mummery (Chamber Committee Member) and Ken Hetherington (Chamber Committee Member). They are pleased to be working more closely with the Shire and other members of the Reference Group, including the Swan Chamber of Commerce, on strengthening our collective economic future.

The Reference Group’s first meeting is being held on 6 December 2021. Mundaring Chamber of Commerce will look forward to sharing updates from the Reference Group where possible and with permission from the Shire.

If any of our members would like to discuss any feedback or suggestions for the Reference Group, please contact our Executive Officer, Michelle Garvin, on or message us on Facebook.



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