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Message from the President 31 July 2020

Thank you to all those members and friends who attended the recent AGM of the Chamber. Thank you to T’Anne, Ryan and the Parkerville Tavern team for hosting the event and providing such excellent hospitality. I would also like to once again thank the out-going Committee for their work over the last year, and thank those among you who have volunteered their time to serve on the Executive and Committee for the coming year.

One of the most gratifying developments that the Chamber has been involved with in the past month or so has been to work with Shire Officers in developing plans for practical assistance to businesses and the general community as part of the response to the impacts of the SARS COVID-19 pandemic. Three members presented excellent deputations to a Council meeting to outline the effects of the pandemic on their businesses and to reinforce the importance of assistance for businesses and Council recognition of businesses as an integral part of Mundaring Shire and its community. These efforts and the lobbying by the Chamber generally have been instrumental in ensuring that grants are available equitably among community groups and businesses.

The Shire is announcing a programme of grants and in the Chamber’s August newsletter newsletter you will find detail about how to seek information about the grants and to apply for them. I would encourage you to read the guidelines carefully and to note the fact that the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan will help you in developing the words you need to evidence the benefits of any grant you might receive and how it would align with the goals of the Strategic Community Plan. For example, here is the general statement in the Plan about the place of business: a “Healthy, safe, sustainable and resilient community, where businesses flourish and everyone belongs”. And, here are the specific objectives relating to businesses (quoted directly from the Plan) :

            1.2 Flourishing local businesses.

1.2.1 Support business collaboration and be a business-friendly local government;

1.2.2 Encourage buy local;

1.2.3 Support tourism development and promote the distinctive character of the attractions of he district including arts, food, sustainability and natural environment;

1.2.4 Encourage economic development opportunities in the Shire

There are, of course a great number of other objectives and strategies that are included in the plan which you might usefully refer to in your applications and you will find these on pages 27 to 27 of the Plan.

A couple of other points to bear in mind:

  1. don’t be put off by the note about $20mill. in liability insurance. Shire officers can provide advice about this;
  2. read the guidelines thoroughly and seek assistance if you need to clarify points or help in preparing your application;
  3. look to applying as soon as possible; and,
  4. the normal Community Grant Programme that the Shire offers annually will still run.

If you would like to have a chat, or raise any matter with myself or our Executive Officer, Karen Mummery, please give us a call on 0428 316 271 (Patrick) or 0410 932 007 (Karen).

I look forward to catching up with you again at one of our future events.

Patrick Bertola
Chamber President


Changes to the service provided by Mundaring Visitor Centre, effective from Wednesday 1 July 2020.

The Shire of Mundaring removed the annual subscriber fee for tourism and hospitality businesses located in the shire. This means the Mundaring Visitor Centre will now provide its promotional program to all tourism and hospitality businesses in the shire and not just those that paid the annual subscription fee as was done in the past.

It is hoped that past subscribers to this service will be able to invest this saving back into their business or into a membership with the Mundaring Chamber of Commerce.

The following are examples of promotion opportunities extended to you through the new Business Registration program:

– Business listing on Mundaring Tourism website;
– Display of business flyer/business card at Mundaring Visitor Centre;
– Opportunity to promote special offers and/or events in monthly e-newsletter;
– Opportunities to display special offers and /or events on Mundaring Visitor Centre noticeboard;
– Opportunity to be included in the centre’s business familiarisation program;
– Referrals to your business by Mundaring Visitor Centre staff ; and
– Opportunities to partner with Mundaring Visitor Centre in regional campaigns and promotions.

Should you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the Business Registration form and return to Shire of Mundaring, for the attention of Bev Beale our Visitor Centre Co-ordinator.

For any questions or further information, please do not hesitate to contact Bev Beale on 9290 6645 or email


Kookaburra Cinema is seeking Expressions of Interest from licenced food service operators in providing catering for cinema patrons during the 2020/21 outdoor screening season operating from November to April.

Patrons choosing to eat their evening meal at the cinema have, in the past, generally brought pre-purchased pizza, homemade salads or other simple meals. Cinema kiosk sales are restricted to confectionery, ice-cream, brewed coffee and soft drinks. The venue is not licenced to sell alcohol.

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Mundaring Chamber of Commerce’s response to Draft Perth Hills Marketing Plan 2020-2022

The Perth Hills Tourism Alliance (PHTA) is a collaboration between the five neighbouring Local Governments of City of Swan, Shire of Mundaring, City of Kalamunda, City of Armadale, and Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale which aims to grow awareness of the Perth Hills as a tourism destination, and drive effective tourism marketing.

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Free ‘Community Level’ Membership, thanks to Mundaring Community Bank Branch, Bendigo Bank

The Weir Together membership level, offered in partnership with the Shire of Mundaring and Mundaring Chamber of Commerce expired on 30 June 2020. 

We are thrilled to say that we are able to continue offering free membership thanks to a generous grant awarded to us by Mundaring Community Bank Branch Bendigo Bank.  

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