April Networking Sundowner at the Childow Tavern

Our April Networking Sundowner was held at the Chidlow Tavern and what a great turnout we had! It was fantastic to see so many members, councilors, and new faces in attendance and it was certainly an interesting event.

Thanks to the Chidlow Tavern for hosting the evening and for the delicious nibbles and great service. Thanks also to Jessica Shaw, MLA for the energetic presentation on economic development in the Perth Hills.

Fran and Norm, owners of the The Chidlow Tavern gave us an insight into their upcoming events, and boy have they got a lot happening! The biggest event would have to be the return of Spit in the Hills and the Chidlow Log Chop , happening this weekend, starting on Friday 3 May. Find out more here.

Keep an eye out on the tavern’s Facebook Page and website to find out what other events are taking place over the coming months. Fran also took the opportunity to generously offer advertising space at their venue in the form of table talkers and have invited all businesses to provide printed advertising material to display in the middle of their dining tables in the restaurant. This printed material will be rotated on a weekly basis. What a great opportunity to get your business name out in the community and a fantastic example of how we can all work together to support one another in the local business community. Thanks Fran and Norm for this great initiative.

Our monthly sundowners provide businesses the opportunity to find out the latest Chamber happenings, as well as to network and build relationships with other local business owners. After all, the trust and momentum behind strong business relationships springs from sharing a real, physical presence – and in a digital world, that’s something the most dynamic online conversations can’t provide.




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